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Submitted on
August 19, 2007


TOP 50 SELECTIONS for Cardboards 2007 Kiteboard Designs

Below are the selections by Dan from Cardboard for the 50 designs he would like to make available on

We have been blown away with the quality of entries...


Note: Although you have been selected, Cardboards wants to uphold it's graphics quality, so inclusion on the site is subject to the quality of your final supplied graphics - those without Cardboard branding may need to include suitable graphics.

and here is the winner, already come to life :) Kiteboard winner by AngryKoalaDownUnder

Final graphics, for each side, should be a rectangular (to cater for different shaped boards) jpg (80%), roughly 8600 x 2500 pixels

Please contact Dan directly: info AT


160. Innocent Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
181. Big Boy Sports - Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
182. Sei Ho Kei -  Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
210. Cardboards Contest Entry Two by davelancel by :icondavelancel:
65. Genocide by foorked1 by :iconfoorked1:
100. :thumb59815615: by :iconghost-001-:
167. Kiteboard Contest Entry by Hallaserke by :iconhallaserke:
78. lococol by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
79. mindholes by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
81. messy orange by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
77. Zero Board by jurand bottom by :iconjurand:
95. butterfly2 board2 by lerhone by :iconlerhone:
165. KING OF THE AIR by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
171. Kiteboard indian by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
172. Just give it a shot by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
184. Released by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
186. Rock this freaking world by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
68. Listen Ver.2 Kite Board Design by mobbsquad by :iconmobbsquad:
86. MESS BOARD by MolefaceNZ by :iconmolefacenz:
66. :thumb57974701: by :iconpaxloc:
168. Bang - Kiteboard Design by queedo by :iconqueedo:
169. Sketch - Kiteboard Design by queedo by :iconqueedo:
103. :thumb59825172: by :iconrelic-57:
110. :thumb59863173: by :iconrelic-57:
115. :thumb59880947: by :iconrelic-57:
106. :thumb59848135: by :iconroyks:
51. Wartron by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icons29feb:
2. :thumb57407061: by :iconsjouke:
94. Entry - Sword and Sorcery by Thrakks by :iconthrakks:
116. Black - Red kiteboard by Viltorinox by :iconviltorinox:
117. Green Effect kiteboard by Viltorinox by :iconviltorinox:
143. Greens by XPepper by :iconxpepper:
6. :thumb58875083: by :icondoctorshark:
40. Que chuuuuuuu Ver 2 0 by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconevil-daza:
174. Cataclysm Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
42. Tangerine Twist Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
43. Tentacles by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconbiggsff:
44. The Ashen Wyrm by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconskysealer:
53. CarboardDesign by Pasternak by :iconpasternak:
59. Ode to Bonnaroo by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconshaadocroe:
63. the kite dragon by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icontheumbrella:
64. WALNUT by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconemreturhal:
153. Kiteboard entry- Wave Runner by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
183. :thumb61142980: by :iconwebbaxis:
185. :thumb61226785: by :iconorangeplusgrey:
201. :thumb61811601: by :iconfaitherix:
202. :thumb61816830: by :iconfaitherix:
and Spitfire design by jtump by :iconjtump:
and Girlie kiteboards by jtump by :iconjtump:


Again - well done


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Faitherix Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2008  Student Digital Artist
I just wanted to know whats up if you know anything because i haven't gotten anyword yet from cardboards about this top 50 thing. I've sent a few emails and just sent another now but i've gotten no reply. any suggestions?
AngryKoalaDownUnder Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Hmm. I sent you a note. Will mention next time I speak with Dan
Faitherix Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008  Student Digital Artist
thank you very much
Hallaserke Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2007
My first sale!!!
AngryKoalaDownUnder Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Kool - which design?
Hallaserke Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008
MolefaceNZ Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007  Student Interface Designer
i only just saw this and my design is in the top 50 no.86. is it too late to send you it ?
Hallaserke Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2007
when are we going to see our designs at ? :boing:
AngryKoalaDownUnder Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
2-3 weeks - make sure you have contacted Dan info AT and submitted the final design...

Hallaserke Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007
ok! I can't wait :)
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