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Submitted on
August 11, 2007


515 (2 today)
ENTRIES (Part 2 of 2) for Cardboards 2007 Kiteboard Design Contest


This is continuation of from ENTRIES 1/2 for 2007 Kiteboard Contest

To win prizes or commission, simply submit you existing deviation with this entry template base on these RULES

</b> I have moved NOMINATIONS TO HERE

151. kiteboard theme 1 by Siemion by :iconsiemion:
152. CB Kiteboard Entry No.3 New by adycreations by :iconadycreations:
153. Kiteboard entry- Wave Runner by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
154. Kiteboard entry-Resident Chaos by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
155. Kiteboard entry- Serenity by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
156. Kiteboard entry- Tribal by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
157. Kiteboard entry- Sand Man by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
158. Kiteboard entry- Blaze Faze by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
159. NeverMind Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
160. Innocent Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
161. :thumb60455848: by :icontheartofsin:
162. :thumb60456041: by :icontheartofsin:
163. :thumb60456987: by :icontheartofsin:
164. Kiteboard entry- Solar Flare by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
165. KING OF THE AIR by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
166. Cardboards Contest Entry One by davelancel by :icondavelancel:
167. Kiteboard Contest Entry by Hallaserke by :iconhallaserke:
168. Bang - Kiteboard Design by queedo by :iconqueedo:
169. Sketch - Kiteboard Design by queedo by :iconqueedo:
170. Kiteboard Contest Entry II by Hallaserke by :iconhallaserke:
171. Kiteboard indian by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
172. Just give it a shot by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
173. Kiteboard Contest Entry by jvillar by :iconjvillar:
174. Cataclysm Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
175. Midnight Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
176. Point Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
177. Moribana Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
178. Kiteboard Contast Entry II by jvillar by :iconjvillar:
179. :thumb60864911: by :iconcartoonist4eternity:
180. :thumb60938153: by :iconmunyuksaraph:
181. Big Boy Sports - Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
182. Sei Ho Kei -  Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
183. :thumb61142980: by :iconwebbaxis:
184. Released by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
185. :thumb61226785: by :iconorangeplusgrey:
186. Rock this freaking world by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
187. :thumb61260403: by :icontwenty4e:
188. :thumb61261906: by :icontwenty4e:
189. :thumb61265836: by :icontwenty4e:
190. :thumb61266353: by :icontwenty4e:
191. Night And Day by jurand by :iconjurand:
192. Kiddy play on a sunny day by Quincula by :iconquincula:
193. :thumb61422057: by :iconorangeplusgrey:
194. Surfer dude by Quincula by :iconquincula:
195. Surfin' on Mars by Quincula by :iconquincula:
196. :thumb61513439: by :iconospreydaunchaotic:
197. :thumb61513256: by :iconospreydaunchaotic:
198. :thumb61513046: by :iconospreydaunchaotic:
199. girly - kite board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
201. :thumb61811601: by :iconfaitherix:
202. :thumb61816830: by :iconfaitherix:
203. :thumb61893905: by :iconfaitherix:
204. KiteBoard Entry by alkoreiel by :iconalkoreiel:
205. :thumb61943190: by :iconfaitherix:
206. :thumb61946576: by :iconfaitherix:
207. Orange sea by Puc0 by :iconpuc0:
208. :thumb61985145: by :iconfaitherix:
209. Sabor nieve by Elivagar48 by :iconelivagar48:
210. Cardboards Contest Entry Two by davelancel by :icondavelancel:

</b> I have moved NOMINATIONS TO HERE
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AngryKoalaDownUnder Aug 11, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer

good luck everybody...
Mickey-Mouse Aug 12, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
You should create a new journal or something so people know that the poll is up.
AngryKoalaDownUnder Aug 12, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Your right - still haven't quite got the hang of the Deviantart etiquette :)

..hey, I entered- but i dont see mine up there :<
AngryKoalaDownUnder Aug 10, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
at the moment you just have entry 59. ?
one I entered on your behalf...
yeah. I must have just missed it. Sorry :>
ShadowPride Aug 1, 2007  Student Photographer
funny how you had to split it =)
AngryKoalaDownUnder Aug 2, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
yep - i would add new entries, but they wouldn't show up in the journal.

Must be a hard limit on the size - nice problem to have having too many entries for a journal though :)

Planning to allow each kiteboarder (from forum) to select their top 5 favourite entries.

Obviously I know what *I* like, but will be It is going to be fascinating to see how the contest pans out with the polls.

noizart Aug 5, 2007
I presume the polls are taking place at the kiteboards forums, right? Don't worry, I won't vote for me :P

Great artist feedback btw, you really struck the right tune for us to dance to :D
AngryKoalaDownUnder Aug 6, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Almost - entries close on the 11th. I'll start the poll after that. :)

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