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Submitted on
August 11, 2007


1,123 (2 today)
ENTRIES (Part 1 of 2) for Cardboards 2007 Kiteboard Design Contest


More entries ENTRIES 2/2 for 2007 Kiteboard Contest

To win prizes or commission, simply submit you existing deviation with this entry template base on these RULES

These are formal entries (you don't have to be nominated by kiteforum member to enter)

Note that eventually, when designs are finally submitted to cardboards for use, they will need to be rectangular based as board come in varying shapes and sizes and size roughly 8600 x 2500 pixels...

1. Big Face by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconangrykoaladownunder:
(OK so I can't win but thought I would show my design skills ;) )
2. :thumb57407061: by :iconsjouke:
4. Aer  D by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconevil-daza:
6. :thumb58875083: by :icondoctorshark:
10. Cary Ann by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icongoor:
11. Courbes by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icondarktoys:
17. EYECC CUBEZ by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconjavisco:
18. Fiery field of vision  green by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconarchizero:
19. Fire Lion by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icondaelyth:
22. Halloween Beauty by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconthebryancrump:
29. Midnight Bloom by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconjerseyjoker:
36. Omicron by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icontaenaron:
40. Que chuuuuuuu Ver 2 0 by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconevil-daza:
42. Tangerine Twist Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
43. Tentacles by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconbiggsff:
44. The Ashen Wyrm by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconskysealer:
45. The Birth of a Goddess by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icongoor:
48. Una monilla por encargo by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconevil-daza:
53. CarboardDesign by Pasternak by :iconpasternak:
54. Abstract No  A02 by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icondenniscmhmy:
55. :thumb60796739: by :iconpaxloc:
57. DOMINI by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icongreenarmani:
59. Ode to Bonnaroo by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconshaadocroe:
63. the kite dragon by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icontheumbrella:
64. WALNUT by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconemreturhal:
65. Genocide by foorked1 by :iconfoorked1:
66. :thumb57974701: by :iconpaxloc:
67. Angry Koala by foorked1 by :iconfoorked1:
68. Listen Ver.2 Kite Board Design by mobbsquad by :iconmobbsquad:
69. :thumb58337971: by :iconpaxloc:
70. :thumb58522998: by :iconpaxloc:
71. :thumb58539729: by :icondoctorshark:
72. :thumb58717147: by :iconpaxloc:
73. :thumb58760696: by :iconpaxloc:
74. Kiteboard_Entry_GropingFemme by yamyyabes by :iconyamyyabes:
75. I'm Late - Kiteboard by negradaluvamao by :iconnegradaluvamao:
77. Zero Board by jurand bottom by :iconjurand:
78. lococol by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
79. mindholes by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
80. b-natural by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
81. messy orange by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
82. mplant by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
83. oranged by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
85. Freakboard by jurand bottom by :iconjurand:
86. MESS BOARD by MolefaceNZ by :iconmolefacenz:
87. :thumb59766135: by :iconvikeejee:
88. :thumb59766027: by :iconvikeejee:
89. :thumb59765985: by :iconvikeejee:
90. :thumb59784723: by :iconghost-001-:
91. :thumb59785441: by :iconghost-001-:
92. :thumb59786002: by :iconghost-001-:
93. :thumb59787684: by :iconvisor05record:
94. Entry - Sword and Sorcery by Thrakks by :iconthrakks:
95. butterfly2 board2 by lerhone by :iconlerhone:
96. Entry for Cardboards Contest by CoRE-Online by :iconcore-online:
97. Burning Sky - KiteBoard Design by FlamingMushroom by :iconflamingmushroom:
98. :thumb59815001: by :iconalemonlime:
99. :thumb59814940: by :iconghost-001-:
100. :thumb59815615: by :iconghost-001-:
101. :thumb59816057: by :iconghost-001-:
102. Simplicity - KiteBoard Design by FlamingMushroom by :iconflamingmushroom:
103. :thumb59825172: by :iconrelic-57:
104: :thumb59836999: by :iconkaiverta:
105. earth sea soul surf by cornishmouse by :iconcornishmouse:
106. :thumb59848135: by :iconroyks:
107. for cardboard design compet. by FallenMystic by :iconfallenmystic:
108. :thumb59852339: by :iconcvied:
109. :thumb59861437: by :iconsushikn:
110. :thumb59863173: by :iconrelic-57:
111. kiteboard desgn "feel happy" by SorrowAngel by :iconsorrowangel:
112. :thumb60907078: by :iconshadowpride:
113. :thumb59873063: by :iconrelic-57:
114. by :iconmysticmorning:
115. :thumb59880947: by :iconrelic-57:
116. Black - Red kiteboard by Viltorinox by :iconviltorinox:
117. Green Effect kiteboard by Viltorinox by :iconviltorinox:
118. inside the sea II Kiteboard by Viltorinox by :iconviltorinox:
119. Kiteboard Design by anditflewaway by :iconanditflewaway:
120. Kiteboard Design 2 by anditflewaway by :iconanditflewaway:
121. Kiteboard Design 3 by anditflewaway by :iconanditflewaway:
122. Clear-Kiteboard by JesterGirlsHere by :iconjestergirlshere:
123. Darkflame-Kiteboard by JesterGirlsHere by :iconjestergirlshere:
124. :thumb59903755: by :icondiguero:
125. mystical board by SilentDementia by :iconsilentdementia:
126. template angri koala by Elivagar48 by :iconelivagar48:
127. :thumb59913204: by :iconshadowpride:
128. CB Kiteboard 07 Entry No.3 New by adycreations by :iconadycreations:
129. Bright Idea by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
130. Blazing Sun by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
131. CB Kiteboard 07 Entry No.2 New by adycreations by :iconadycreations:
132. :thumb59923285: by :icongreedyandy:
133. Phones Kiteboard by anditflewaway by :iconanditflewaway:
134. Kiteboard Contest Entry by unax3 by :iconunax3:
135. :thumb59959480: by :iconalemonlime:
136. :thumb59977324: by :iconmr-buggy:
137. :thumb59991203: by :icongreedyandy:
138. :thumb59991237: by :icongreedyandy:
139. Swirling Seas by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
140. :thumb60036060: by :iconnoizart:
141. :thumb60037537: by :iconmr-buggy:
142. Fantasy flute by XPepper by :iconxpepper:
143. Greens by XPepper by :iconxpepper:
144. :thumb60097868: by :iconcartoonist4eternity:
145. Raging Waters by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
146. Shimmering Sea by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
147. Dizzy by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
148. li by lerhone by :iconlerhone:
149. the other side1 by lerhone by :iconlerhone:
150. board - Oldschool Impression 1 by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:

More entries ENTRIES 2/2 for 2007 Kiteboard Contest

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Royks Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2007   Interface Designer
update: [link]
getfunkynow Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
OK I admit the hottee ‘surgically enhanced’ manga chicks are nice eye candy, but probably excludes most of your female buyers?

113 has pretty out there 'confectionary' graphics, lotsa colour and pretty marketable I reckon. Perhaps the graphics need a bit of sharpening up as it was done freehand?

OK I admit the hottee ‘surgically enhanced’ manga chicks are nice eye candy, but probably excludes most of your female buyers?
128 is less revealing – more suggestive, something in that for everyone..

130 Has magic colours and a nice simple motif. I like eet alot.

6 I really like the colours and vortex/spider pattern

77 The tora tora tora is pretty cool (don't know why - just is) Perhaps the bullet holes could go where the binding screws go?

Heaps of good designs, hard to get down to 5. Someone has a tuff job to decide on a winner.

just my 2c
AngryKoalaDownUnder Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Actally deciding the winner is easy. I'm counting the votes :)

I agree though. Selecting a winner would be very very tough...
baba49 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool designs! I love the variety :clap:
AngryKoalaDownUnder Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
so do we :)

The 2008 kiteboards range (released soon) will look amazing with a selection of these designs.
Lorenzq Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2007
Great when two of my biggest interest came together, Kitesurfing and art! :D
AngryKoalaDownUnder Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Yep and your designs look great. Do you have other general designs or gallery of your work elsewhere on the net?

Isn't it a bit bloody cold kiting in the Netherlands?
Lorenzq Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2007
Thanks :)
About 4 years ago i started with paintings in this style, then with sculptures and other stuff, Now i combine digital art with the style i had created in arts.
A have a website [link]

Haha, i think its much colder than in AUS but now its summer (also need a shorty). the winter,thats cold !
But there are a lot of kitesurfers in the Netherlands.
ShadowPride Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007  Student Photographer
good luck ^^
scionjon Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
i submitted my 6, but they are not up on there yet
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